Can I get rich with Bitcoin?

This is one of the biggest question that potential investors have been asking before they can buy or sell bitcoins. Now, I am sure also that at some point in life, you have asked yourself the same question especially when someone tells you to try bitcoin trading. Now this is such a hard question but it can be answered by those who have invested in bitcoins as well. However, just like any other investment, working with bitcoins is not a bed or roses because there are also potential or unforeseen loses associated with it.

Some of the people have concluded the fact bitcoins trade is all about taking risk and some people have concluded that it is also all about one’s luck. Some of us are lucky while some of us are not. One person, a friend, per say, can simply invest in bitcoins and end an extremely wealthy person while others may invest and end up a poor fellow. Success is all about timing and with that idea, you need to time the right moment for you to buy bitcoins and time right time so that you can sell the same bitcoins at a profit.

Yes, you can get rick if only you will operate with the golden rule which says, “Buy low”, “sell high”. So to become rich with bitcoins, you need to be strategic and tactical at all times. This means that when others are avoiding buying you come in and buy more. Then when others are greedy buying, sell them to them at a price higher that the buying price. Getting rich with bitcoins is all about creating a value for your bitcoins. Therefore, yes, you can get rich if you will follow the later golden rule of buying low and selling high.

Considering that bitcoin is the most recognized among all the other cryptocurrencies, you have a chance of getting rich simply because it has a wider convex of audience. Whenever there are more and more players within the system, it means that you can sell you bitcoin at a very good value higher that what you bought at. This is the basis of getting rich. For instance if you bought bitcoins at let say $0.054 and the sell to a multitude of users at say $10 per bitcoin, this means that the value of your bitcoin will have appreciated more than what you might have expected. This will certainly make you rich with bitcoins.

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