Best Bitcoin Sites with a Faucet

There are a number of best bitcoin sites which offer faucets today and most fall into the category of best bitcoin dice site as well. This is due to the gambling sites having the biggest faucets to attract new players. Now choosing a good faucet is all about choosing that which makes you feel satisfied and also that which you can earn from it more easily and without any difficulties. Some of the bitcoin sites with faucets might get shut down as soon as they receive your request for withdrawals and this will have wasted your time and money. To avoid such case, you need to get the best, legit and non-complex sites that you can work with and earn more.

The Robot Coin

One of the most attractive thing about this site is that the minimum payout is 1,000,000 satoshi and this can also allow you to add other earnings accrued from gaming. Besides being a place where you can earn money this site is also a source of entertainment because it is just like a game where you destroy some robots and if successful you get to earn some BTC. As the game advances, you will find that the robots are becoming hard to destroy and this requires more agility if you want to earn. The good thing about this site is that it allows you to restart the game after every fail.

Bitcoin Aliens

Unlike the Robot coin, this site has a slightly lower amount of payout. After a series of games, the average amount that you can withdraw is 4300 satoshi per hour. If you play for more hours, then you are assured of more earnings. The basics of this site is that you are expected to kill some aliens. Every successful kill will earn you a certain amount of BTCs or ETH from the casino. This is also having fun while earning money.

The Bonus Bitcoin

Bonus bitcoin is also another best bitcoin site with faucets. It is so popular among people because it is basically a site where you will be required to view a group of ads and then earn from that task. Now, bonus bitcoin has one setback in the sense that it might end up lacking liquidity to pay for all the users at one single time. However, it is a very good source of bitcoin earning because it does not limit the number of clicks or the time that one has to wait before another add pops up. You can continue viewing ads until you are tired for the day.

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