What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

Am sure that at one point in time, you have come across websites or service provides who would you to use their applications or sign in to their websites so that they can reward you with some presents These presents can be in terms of money, airtime and other presents per say. Now, there are some of the applications or websites which will reward you using bitcoin. When that happens then that website or whatever you have downloaded as an application basically a website faucet. It is normal to find that the value of BTC is very small like $0.00012 per BTC but this is very crucial when the value of bitcoin goes up.

With that rough idea in mind therefore, a bitcoin faucet is basically a special website which harbors applications that can be downloaded. When such applications are downloaded one normally get a reward and the reward comes in form of bitcoins. Far from downloading an application, the application might also require you to view some of the adverts, download other relevant applications and even post a comment regarding a certain product. When a user completed these tasks, the bitcoins are added into the account created and can either be transacted or can be used to pay for goods and services from firms which accept bitcoins.

Bitcoin faucets normally dispense coins in form of satoshi and the satoshi means 1/1000000 BTC. The more you do what is required by the app developer, the more you will earn if form of BTC. There are a number of legit bitcoin faucets which can make a user earn more and more each day. One of the most popular one is the Freebitco where it allows you to click and view adverts until when you have reached a value close to $200 before being allowed to withdraw.

Even with the fact that some people consider bitcoin faucets as a waste of precious time, it is a very special place to start because it is a good microwallet online. Besides, it a quick source or money because all you need to is do what is asked and earn money from doing exactly that which the developer or the website owner asks you to. However, bitcoin faucets are not legal in some countries and this can bar one from engaging any activity simply because such a country might be lacking a financial outlet that accepts bitcoins.

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