Bitcoin Rich List

When talking about the bitcoin rich list, it means those platforms that holds the largest share of bitcoins. Bitcoin market is so extensive and the distribution of bitcoin vary as well. There are a number of platforms which hold a specific amount of bitcoin just because it has a large pool of users transacting using these bitcoins. Being on top of the list means that a platform has the highest number of bitcoins moving in and from the platform. Now, have you wondered who owns the top position when it comes to the bitcoin rich list? If not, then sit back and wait for the list.

Bittrex cold wallet

At number one, we have the Bitfinex cold wallet. This is one of the richest shareholder as far as bitcoin holding and transaction is concerned. What does Bitfinex hold in total? By the year 2017, Bitfinex held more than 172,236 BTC and this had a value of about $1,306, 198,161 USD. This was then the biggest value of Bitcoin. During this date, the total number of invested bitcoins was valued at 4983 and the number of outgoing bitcoins were 4083. From this platform, you can realize that the ins are almost equal to the outs and this is what people love more about it.

Binance wallet

At number two of our list is the Binance wallet. Binance wallet is basically a platform that comes second as far as BTCs is concerned. The amount of BTC in mind 2018 were estimated at 158,779 BTC and this was valued at $1,204,145,846. One of the amazing thing is that it seems that there are more ins than outs in this platform. For instance, during this period, the number of ins were 141 BTC and those that went out were 56. This was a big margin.

Bitrex cold wallet

At number three is the Bittrex cold wallet. It is one of the Cryptocurrency platform that holds 117,203 BTC and this is valued at $888,840,904. If we compared it with the Binance, you will notice that it has less BTC is its disposal and the value is lower as well. This is why Bittrex is at number three with 151 possible ins and 62 outs.

Huobi wallet

On the other hand, Huobi wallet is another platform that holds 98,042 and this was valued at $743,531, 466 as at June 2, 2018 where the estimated ins were 182 and the outs at 9. This is basically the top four as far the bitcoin list is concerned.

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